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Portable Internet for RV'ers - My Review of More4LessPlans

Wireless High-Speed Internet

For RV'ers in Canada who also travel to the USA

The reason I have added this page to my website is to let other RV'ers know about this great Wireless High-Speed Internet package available from

Please note I do not sell internet, I do not work for More4Less Plans, I am just a happy customer.

Up front I will say that my links are affiliate links and I do get a small commission if you sign up, but that in no way has influenced my desire to share my find with others. In fact the reason I have enjoyed this service so much is why I wanted to share this and getting a small commission is just an added bonus!

Some Background

As an avid RV'er who mainly travels weekends and two weeks of holidays each summer, I've always wanted to have the Internet available while we are away. I offer web hosting and consulting to my clients and requests for help can come at any time or a server needs attention or who knows what, right? It's worth it to me to be available 24/7 from any location.

On top of that, being able to use the More4Less Plans' internet on our cell phones and tablets keeps our phone data down and we are able to stream News and Videos on our TV while away without running up a huge data overage bill on our cell phones.

Another simple but useful advantage of having internet while we are away is to keep watch on our dog when are out seeing the local sites. We have a thermometer that we can check in on via the internet (or it alerts us based on our high and low temperature warnings) and an internet video camera. This helps give us peace of mind and if you're a pet owner - you know you can't put a price on that! :-)

What is this, really?

But let's cut to the chase. What is this Wireless High-Speed Internet thing I'm talking about? Well, it's quite simple. You get a cell based internet hotspot that provides Internet through its Wifi. The internet comes from Cell Providers and the nearest cell tower near you. In Canada we get to roam freely with no data limits or throttling. You heard me. No data limits or throttling. Advanced users can log into the hotspot and, if needed, specifically connect to Telus, Rogers or Bell, and you can even select a band (there are specific bands you can select from if you want) for better performance. If you travel into the USA your hotspot will continue to work on the AT&T Network. No data limits and no throttling and no additional fees!

Now I know you're asking - is this for real? I can tell you it is! The monthly internet fee through is $110.00 per month.

Getting Started

To get started you will need to purchase a hotspot but once you have this your only fee is your monthly internet at $110. I use the Netgear hotspot. You can purchase this from for $349.00 (at the time of writing this post). You can use this service at your home with the portable Netgear hotspot and then take it with you when you travel. If you only intend to use this at home I would suggest using the Home Internet Router at $349.00 as it will pull in a better signal and broadcast a better wifi signal in your home.


-The service can go down without notice. Get yourself a spare sim card to avoid being without internet while waiting for a replacement sim card to be sent to you.
-Your IP address will show you being in the USA. To watch Canadian streaming subscriptions, you will need to purchase and use a VPN and select a Canadian location with it (we use ExpressVPN) but there are plenty out there like IP Vanish, SurfShark, NordVPN, etc.
-If using the Netgear hotspot at home, you may need an external antenna to get better cell reception.
-When travelling I still recommend you use a small external antenna to ensure you always have good internet. I highly recommend the NETGEAR MIMO Antenna with 2 TS-9 Connectors. You should be able to find this on Amazon for about $100.


Overall I am very impressed with this service. Order and try for 7 days and if not satisfied you can return it for a full refund. We use this for 6-7 months a year while out in the RV and we have always been able to have internet wherever we are (we travel mainly in Southern Ontario and 1 week a year in the USA).

Sign up!

Please use my link to to sign up or browse and hopefully all the hard work and testing I've done will save you the hassle and give me a small commission to boot!

But wait! There's more!

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Mobile RV Internet
Netgear Mimo Antenna

"Netgear Mimo Antenna"

Highly Recommended
when using the Portable Hotspot
More4LessPlans Devices

"More4LessPlans Devices"

We use the Portable/Travel/Hotspot
Home Internet Router good for home use
More4LessPlans Fees

"Wireless Internet Plan"

Highly Recommended!

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